In their inaugural episode Ashley and Ryan take on analyzing the love story heavyweight champion of fiction, “Romeo and Juliet.”

Episode 02: Outlander

Sing me a song of a podcast that is gone, say could that cast be our Outlander Episode? Ashley and Ryan celebrate Outlander's return by discussing Jaime and Claire's relationship in the first season / book of Outlander. Spoilers warning for the first season and book, content warning concerning the mature sexual themes contained in the story.

Episode 03: Crazy Rich Asians

Taking their first dip into a modern romance Ashley and Ryan tackle the breakout success Crazy Rich Asians. Are Nick and Rachel a good couple? Does Ashley understand geology? Can Ryan go without mixing up the video game company Mojang and the classic Chinese game Mahjohn? Find out in this weeks episode!

Episode 04: The Princess Bride

An episode dedicated to one of the most famous romances in cinema? As you wish. Ashley and Ryan discuss Buttercup and Wesley along with who are the real MVPs of The Princess Bride.

Episode 05: A Christmas Prince 1&2

'Tis the season for binge watching as Ashley and Ryan tackle the viral sensation A Christmas Prince and its brand spanking new sequel A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. We're just going to go ahead and say it, you don't need to have seen either to enjoy this episode. And if you have seen them, surprise, this was a lil present for you the whole time.

Episode 06: Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe

The holidays just keep happening on this weeks episode of Couple's Talking Couples as we explore the exciting world of the Hallmark Channel Original Christmas movie. I think it is safe to say that the movie is exactly as good as you think it, but this episode is definitely designed for those who don't care about seeing it.

Episode 07: Love Actually

Join us as we tackle the biggest questions of our generation. Which couple in Love Actually is actually good? Is the movie even very good? In this plus sized episode we scientifically figure it out with an elimination bracket and some good old fashioned arguing. Featuring special guests Vince and Amanda, we attempt to finally solve the Love Actually puzzle.

Episode 08: White Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve! This week we are celebrating by dissecting the couples in the 1954 classic White Christmas and attempt to recreate some of the films songs with mixed results. 

Episode 09: When Harry Met Sally

Ashley and Ryan end the year with the movie that has arguably the most romantic New Years Eve scene of all time. We discuss what would happen to Harry and Sally in modern day as well as a peak behind the curtain of when Ryan met Ashley.

Episode 10: Beauty and the Beast

On this weeks episode we delve into a tale as old as time as we analyze the 1991 Disney animated film Beauty and the Beast. Is this musical with love and kidnap a good relationship, or do we notice that there is something there that wasn't there before.