Episode 21: The Notebook

This week we take our first step into the melodramatic world of Nicholas Sparks in the 2004 hit film "The Notebook." Can this Romeo and Juliet tale of star crossed lovers hold up or will it break apart under further scrutiny, like the actual Romeo and Juliet.

Episode 22: 500 Days of Summer

Sometimes love doesn't quite work out and sometimes it takes over a year and a half to figure it out. This week Ashley and Ryan discuss the charming 2009 hit romcom "500 Days of Summer." They discuss why things with Summer got so wintery and how long is too long to grieve a break up.

Episode 23: Pride and Prejudice

This week we overcome our pride and discuss the story we were prejudiced to cover, the classic "Pride and Prejudice." Does this Jane Austen tale still hold up over 200 years later? What is a good way to get out of marriage proposal? Does hyperbole demand we ask questions in threes? Find out in this week's episode!

Episode 24: Scott Pilgrim VS the World

Gear up your game stations and check the leaderboards because this week Ryan and Ashley discuss the action comedy "Scott Pilgrim vs the World." Is the true secret to happiness to vanquish your beloved form significant others? Insert two quarters to continue.

Episode 25: Twilight Part 1

As inevitably as a teenager falling in love with a vampire Ryan and Ashley were inevitably going to talk about the 2005 smash hit "Twilight." In our first ever two parter we focus on the original book/film in the Twilight saga before wading into the thick mud of the rest of the series.

Episodes 26: Twilight Part 2

This week Ashley and Ryan conclude their "Twilight" Two Parter with their episode chronicling the "Twilight Saga" 2-4. We discuss Edward and Bella as a whole, Team Jacob, as well as pinpointing just where the series went off the rails completely. 

Episode 27: Love In Westeros: The Game of Thrones Couples

In the game of couples talking couples, you win or you die. Well maybe not die, but probably get into a heated argument. This week Ashley and Ryan rank the top 10 most significant relationships in Game of Thrones. There will be spoilers for the entire series so be warned.

Episode 28: Aladdin

Grab your magic carpets because this week we are going to a whole new world in our Disney's "Aladdin" episode. Ashley and Ryan will discuss both the animated version as well as compare it to the new live action movie. They will also discuss ways to get the best value for your genie wishes, an absolute must listen for anyone who has recently found a magic lamp.

Episode 29: 27 Dresses

Thank you so much for agreeing to be a bridesmaid for our episode this week covering "27 Dresses." Would it have been cleverer to do that for our 27th episode instead of 29th? Maybe. But you can't tell us because its our special day. This week Ashley and Ryan discuss lies, love and which Rom Com Queen we'd be.

Episode 30: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Welcome to the first ever episode of Couple's Talking Couples! Oh wait... we got a card here saying that this is our 30th? We could have sworn we just started. In this weeks episode Ryan and Ashley discuss the mind erasing classic Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the pitfalls of an office romance with someone with memory loss, and where the line in the sand is for manic pixie dream girls.