Episode 31: Overboard

Welcome aboard to this weeks episode of CTC where we explore the 1987 classic "Overboard." Mind you don't fall over the edge and get amnesia for some reason. This week Ashley and Ryan discuss the many crimes of Kurt Russell as well as their amnesia inspired schemes.

Episode 32: You’ve Got Mail

Hang up your landlines and plug in your dial up because this week Ashley and Ryan are exploring the 1998 classic "You've Got Mail." This week we discuss the merits of tricking your potential partner, what the movie looks like with modern technology, and crown new monarchs in the Rom-Com monarchy.

Episode 33: The Wedding Planner

Do you hear those wedding bells ringing? Yes love is in the air and somebody has got to plan it as Ryan and Ashley explore the 2001 film "The Wedding Planner." This week we discuss the ultimate parent scheme, reflect on real life wedding planning, and add a couple new words to our lexicon.

Episode 34: Stardust

In an effort to win your love this week Ryan and Ashley chase a falling star to bring you their "Stardust" episode. Along with talking about the romance boosting quality of whimsy in a film, they also discuss Ashley's deep dark secret love.

A masterful photo edited by 17 year Ashley in appreciation of “Stardust”

A masterful photo edited by 17 year Ashley in appreciation of “Stardust”

Episode 35: Always Be My Maybe

After a quick 16 year break Ryan and Ashley are back at it to discuss the 2019 Netflix Original "Always Be My Maybe." This week they discuss the merits of giants gaps of seeing your crush, the future of rom coms, and horrible betrayals of trust.

Episode 36: About Time

This week Ashley and Ryan travel back to one of their favorite topics of time travel in their "About Time" episode. They discuss the benefits of time travel when wooing a potential partner as well as the pitfalls of how to broach the subject that you've been time traveling without them the whole time, in a discussion enjoyable enough to time travel back and listen to it again... or just like start the episode over, no need to create a paradox over it.

Episode 37: Cloud Atlas

Grab your letters from another life and compose your sextets because this week Ashley and Ryan will be exploring the massive "Cloud Atlas." They will be discussing birthmarks, reincarnation, birthmarks, soul mates, and even talking about what was going on with those birthmarks. Do you feel that pull? Its a previous or future life telling you tune in, depending on how you interpret your birthmark. Did we mention the birthmarks? They seemed important.

Episode 38: Pretty Woman

Put on your best red dress and expensive necklace because this week Ryan and Ashley are going on a date with their "Pretty Woman" episode. They discuss pros and cons, whether they could date someone way older, and whether or not this Cinder-F'n-ella earned her happy ending. Missing it would be a big mistake. Big. Huge.

Ep 39: While You Were Sleeping

Wake up from your coma's and stop fibbing about being engaged its time for our "While You Were Sleeping Episode." This week Ashley and Ryan discuss topics such as when is the appropriate time to buy your significant other underwear, strategies to deal with gaslighting, and the true home of this classic rom-com. It's a good one so don't sleep on it... or coma on it.

Ep 40: Coming To America

Change your currency to the one with Eddie Murphy's face on it and hop on a plane to Zamunda because this week Ashley and Ryan are discussing "Coming To America." This week they tackle the important question of why people dont consider this movie about a prince finding love a rom com, the merits of surprising someone at the alter, and what movie would this be if the genders were swapped.