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What is Couple’s Talking Couples?

If you’ve made it here than all of our weekly prodding has worked! Welcome! Ashley and Ryan are in fact, a real, live couple, currently living in Los Angeles, CA with their two dogs, Max and Quinn (the world’s cutest dogs). They love movies, television, and books, especially about love so they decided to start a podcast where they comment on all aspects of these stories. The Podcast is up every Monday and will sometimes feature other couples or guests! We would LOVE to hear from you! Please email us your suggestions and comments at

Here is a sneak peak at our next couple episodes (note: these get shuffled a lot but its a good idea as to what at least is on deck in the coming episodes)

UPDATE: Due to illness October’s episodes have been pushed to the 23rd


October 21: Never Been Kissed

October 28: The Phantom of the Opera

November 4: 50 First Dates

November 11: Harry Potter

In the pipeline (but not sure when):

Love, Simon

Fever Pitch

Time Travelers Wife

Romancing the Stone

We are basically making snap decisions on episodes the week we record them so if you want to wield the mighty power of forcing us to cover something you like, email us at and save us 15 minutes of arguing while scrolling through Netflix.


This Weeks Episode - My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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From Episode 34: Stardust

A masterful photoshop created by 17 year old Ashley in appreciation of “Stardust”

A masterful photoshop created by 17 year old Ashley in appreciation of “Stardust”

Fourth Grade Ashley- A little British Man.

Fourth Grade Ashley- A little British Man.


Ashley loves entertaining people, working with kids and making people laugh. She is currently a Development Executive working on creating and developing children’s programming. She loves Disney Movies and LOVES to read, her favorite books are Historical Romance and YA. Ashley Loves her dogs more than anything and is currently a Foster Dog Mom. Her perfect day is cuddling all dogs, watching cartoons, reading about love, and making people laugh with a fart joke. Five out of Five of Ashley’s friends think she is funnier than Ryan.

Fifth Grade Ryan - Absolute lady killer

Fifth Grade Ryan - Absolute lady killer


Ryan is a video editor in Los Angeles where he dazzles his coworkers with his midwestern work ethic and go getivness. Along with playing video games, board games, and Dungeons & Dragons, Ryan also does other nerdy things, such as read fantasy novels and biographies about US presidents. He is also passionate about cartoons and has a soft spot for romance. He likewise loves the dogs, but in a way where he has to do all the work in taking care of them.  Five out of five of Ashley's friends thinks Ryan is cleverer than Ashley. Ryan's friends got side tracked into talking about games instead of answering the question.